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Welcome to Custom House, an inviting culinary sanctuary where the rich tapestry of American flavors meets the serenity of beachside dining. Nestled along the shoreline, our restaurant is a homage to the timeless traditions of American cuisine, thoughtfully prepared to satisfy every palate.

At Custom House, family is at the heart of our ethos – we believe in creating an atmosphere where shared moments and delicious meals come together seamlessly. Immerse yourself in a menu crafted with care, featuring a medley of classic American dishes, from hearty steaks to seafood delicacies, all served with a touch of coastal charm.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing brunch or a memorable dinner with loved ones, Custom House is your destination for a warm, family-centric dining experience by the beach.

Contact Us

We are located at 404 Front Street in Avila Beach, California.

Phone: (805) 595-7555

Fax: (805) 595-9508

Confidential Hotline

Our goal is to ensure excellent customer service. Our confidential hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please report any concerns to us so that we may continue to improve our service.

This line goes directly to our corporate office. We cannot help with reservations.

(805) 994-1147

General Inquiries

This form is not used for reservations.

Event Inquiries